End of 2011- into 2012

This is obviously my first post on WordPress so bear with me. Everything you see here is designed in Microsoft PowerPoint. I do regular road cars as well as F1 cars! Admittedly it isn’t a perfectly balanced cars (some of the bits of bodywork, although carbon copies, (just flipped over) do not fit together perfectly. I try to correct this but, sometimes it looks even worse afterwards!) I started doing the designs in 2009, when I was still in secondary school

The above picture is the mid-October version of my F1 2011 chassis. All logos are used as example sponsors to give the car dimensions.

This chassis was updated right until the very last race of the season, but was also used as the starting point for the 2012 chassis. The sidepods, rear wing, rear bodywork and the floor of the car are exactly the same. I don’t know how well it would perform aerodynamically as I don’t have the funds to get CFD software, although I would like to have it! Already in 2012 I’ve updated to version 3 (as of 30th January)

Feedback on the car would be nice, how you think it looks, what could be better. I will also upload a side view of each version when I upload the top-down view.

The side view for the car above is below this.


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