Road car.

Obviously I can’t just post blogs about PPT designed F1 cars, that would just be silly so of course, I have also designed a couple of road cars. One of them is still under the initial concept phase, but this one is nearing completion. Just a few small refinements to make, and the wheels to design. Obviously these are incredibly unlikely to be put into production, but I also have two lists of engines. One list of petrol SI engines, and one of Diesel CI engines) The smallest petrol is a 1.8, and the smallest diesel is a 1.7. Bearing in mind this is meant to be a sports coupe, although it might not LOOK very sporty, each petrol engine would be designed to produce max power at high RPM’s, and each diesel engine would have peak torque from 1,800 – 4000rpm

This is the side view of the car

This is the front view

This is the (unfinished) back.

Each model would have a ‘sports’ suspension pack option which increases steering response and lowers ride height by around 22mm. Every car has a 6 speed gearbox manual as standard with the larger engines (2.5) available with a CVT gearbox, or a semi-automatic gearbox with paddle shifters behind the steering wheel.

Below are the two lists of engines complete with some stats.

Remember this is all for fun and is purely fictional. Feedback on the design of the cars, and maybe new engine suggestions would be nice.


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