2 door coupe.

This is the second of the two road cars I’ve designed in Microsoft PowerPoint. This one is a 2 door coupe. It has the same engine choices as the hatchback in my previous post, but the diesels are more powerful and there is also a choice of AMG engines, ranging from the 5.5L supercharged engine you get in the SLR McLaren to the 6.0 V12 Biturbo that you see in the S65 AMG. Also tuning kits for the engines would be available from Brabus, those nutcases you hear about on TopGear.

Styling is very aggressive from the front, and almost passive on the back. I also contemplated side exhausts, but come on… put the 1.8 petrol in and it’s just going to be pathetic. Same with the diesels. Who’d want a massive amount of smoke coming out of the sides of the car. It’s not the best looking car in the world, but I sure am proud of it. I  just need someone to design me some wheels for it… Any takers? Again, any feedback would be useful. Also suggestions as to what I should design next might come in handy.

Side view :

Front view with daytime running lights around the front fog lights in a ring shape.

Rear view. And yes those wide grey shapes at the bottom are the exhausts. This model would be fitted with the 5.5L SLR engine for which the exhausts would be needed for maximum airflow. Obviously smaller exhausts would be fitted to the standard non-AMG engines.

Remember feedback would be nice on ANY aspect of the car.


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