Final version of 2011 F1 car. As raced in Abu Dhabi and Brazil. (V17)

This is the final version of my 2011 F1 chassis. There are some obvious differences between the v14 that I posted before. Most notable differences are the rearmost half of the main flaps on the front wing, the cascades on the front wing, the rear wing, the exhausts, rear suspension front wishbone mounts (now bolt onto the bell housing of the gearbox rather than halfway down it)

Also notable from the view below, there are new sidepods being more rounded towards the back (similar to the RB7) there are also new leading edges at the bottom (comes in tighter to the monocoque. and is raised off the floor so that the bottom is in line with the lowermost side impact crash structure. Also the L-shaped or U shaped design similar to McLarens is more central, and a lot shallower so that the double floor design of the STR6 could also be incorporated with the tighter sidepods, providing better airflow. The sidepods were actually incorporated into v 15 which was raced at Spa. The rear wing at spa was similar in design to Monza, but with a much lower main plane at the outer edges. I’ll also upload that below underneath the rear wing for this version.

Side view

Final rear wing design

Spa rear wing design

Again, as with my previous posts feedback and your opinions are welcome, suggestions and questions about the designs are welcome too.


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