Launch-spec 2012 car.

Well, this is it. The launch spec 2012 car, some themes carried on from the final 2011 car,  with the endplates general design staying the same, with the horizontal section now with a different shape, cascades and frontmost half of the front wing main flaps staying the same but with the rearmost part coming more forwards on the inner most section to create a half- delta shape, the nosecone obviously different due to the regulation changes, but the mounting pylons are the same. Sidepods are the same, the general diffuser layout is the same, the rear wing is the same with the exception that the lower beam wing is now an arrow shape, bending upwards in the middle to give clearance over the rear impact structure, wherease before the lower beam wing was actually attached to the crash structure, which minimised the surface area underneath, reducing its efficiency and giving higher air pressure, which lowered the pressure differential and therefore reduced downforce. Also because of the air blockage it also increased drag a little and created more turbulence. The exhausts on this one are hidden, but they blow down the outer wall of the U-shaped section which has a deep undercut that isn’t visible unless you look through the space between the rear wing and the lower beam wing, and is angled towards blowing the lowermost aerofoil element on the rear brake ducts. Of course with very very careful designing I COULD blow all 3 elements that are on the ducts, but as I’m only using PPT and no CAD/CFD programs this could be risky if incorrectly designed.

Okay, enough blabbering now, here she is. SJA003-L

As you can see, when comparing it to the 2011 car it has a much shorter wheelbase which makes the car more nimble. It also makes it MUCH harder to get the weight distribution within regulations, so the engine and gearbox are mounted slightly further back, the sidepods are also slightly thicker and have a thin aluminium film around which helps to achieve this weight distribution. The shark fin on the engine cover also helps just a little bit.

Now, on the launch car there are a couple of differences over what would’ve been crash tested. As you can see the roll hoop on this is different as the one that will be raced has a much deeper undercut. Also the car that will be raced and tested will have a large cooling duct on the back similar to the RB7, rather than the slot seen here on the back of the engine cover.

And there is the rear wing. The endplates come down to rest on the top of the diffuser as per last year. Also you can see the bend in the lower beam.

Well that’s it, the launch spec. The actual test/race version will be launched soon.


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