Barcelona test car

Well this is the first update of the season. The car that would be tested at Barcelona and most probably raced in Australia. You can see some big differences. A new front wing, the actual roll hoop structure as would’ve been crash tested, a new rear wing upper flap, and a  total new diffuser. Yes I know it’s not perfectly balanced, but what the heck, it’s in Microsoft PowerPoint, so is therefore highly unlikely to be perfect. Chances are this car would be slower than the HRT anyway. Who knows? I really need CFD software.

Birds-eye view

Side view. Minor revisions to the nose cone are visible here, and a small change to the FWEP. Also new splitter length and shape is visible.

Rear wing, very very visible update. This design actually I thought would be more effective at drag loss, and balance when the DRS is open., and it looks just a little bit better too.

And finally this is the diffuser. 

Again feedback and recommendations would be nice. I also need an idea for a new car to design (road car)


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