2008 car

Yes, I know it’s regulations from 4 years ago, but still. I’ve spent a lot of time doing this. It would probably be slower than the Force India and Torro Rosso. Or even the Super Aguri that only did a few races. Obviously some trends were copied such as the huge ‘Elephant ear’ vanes on the nosecone, large barge boards. Also the exhausts blow the wing that sits above the rear suspenion pushrods to provide a little more downforce.

Mercedes-Benz powered, with McLaren gearboxes, Brembo brakes, Clutchmasters clutch, Koni suspension, and (of course) PowerPoint designed aerodynamics. This includes a triple-element front wing, with a bridge section

Not the most complicated car, but it was a LOT more complicated to draw than the 2011/2012 cars. Especially the sidepods with all of those extra aerofoil elements and vanes. Also placement of the cooling slots and the funnel that extracts the hot air from the radiators had to be shaped, and placed in an efficient way. Quite a short wheelbase as you can see, and the brake ducts are very small. They’re also very tall, stretching to the absolute limit of the height regulations, but only protruding 45mm inside the wheels.This is on both front AND rear brake ducts.

As you can see from the side view, it’s quite an aggressive looking car. Slanted nose, unusual shaped engine air intake and shark fin, unusual rear wing endplates, and a VERY deep undercut under the air intake. Also a very deep, long scoop on the foremost aerofoil of the front wing.

Again, as with everything on this blog,  recommendations and opinions are welcome. If you think something on this car isn’t right, or something could be added or taken off please let me know.


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