Updates to the 2012 car.

I’ve made some quite noticeable aero changes to the 2012 F1 car. The most noticable is the front wing. It’s almost entirely new. The only thing that didn’t change is the shape of the main plane, the position, shape and height of the cascades, and the position and height of the support pillars.

The shape of the front wing main flaps are very much changed, they’re a little wider at the outer and inner rearmost extremeties. Also the inner section that connects to the main plane is split into an extra section. The largest portion of the main flap is adjustable, but because it has an endplateless design, and it connects to a horizontal section, it has to be slit into two sections at that point, with the part that meets the endplate being hinged at the foremost section, and the rearmost section being fed into a hole, with enough carbon fibre to stop a gap forming when the wing is at maximum angle. Also the camera housings that are on the nosecone have been moved much further forward.

There is a noticeable change to the floor of the car, where there was a cutout like was seen on the 2009 McLaren, these have been removed and in its place are ballast pods, to help achieve the weight distribution required.

The pillars are shaped slightly differently, and like Ferrari’s they curve inwards to help direct the airflow. Also similar to the F2012 are the sidepod turning vanes that are split into two sections to better divert the airflow.

This is the front view of the front wing. The endplate design is totally different, being of the aforementioned ‘endplateless’ design.

The 3 final changes to the car are this new vane underneath the nosecone, split into two, one pushing air towards the sidepods, and the other out towards the bargeboards, a new vertical lip on the floor of the car that is squarer in profile rather than bulged towards the rear and a small change to the rear wing, the upper flap being slightly smaller. Those final two changes are so small that it’s hardly noticeable and I thought it wasn’t worth posting the designs themselves.

Again any recommendations are welcome.


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