Updated 2012 F1 car

Yes, yet more updates to the 2012 car. There are some very very visible updates to the rear of the car. Completely new sidepods, rear bodywork (including engine cover), rear wing endplates, and some ducting to the starter motor hole (very similar to RBR design) from below the sidepods. There are some virtually unnoticable changes to the front wing with the largest flap at a slightly higher angle of attack but noticable is a new r-shaped cascade on the innermost edge of the wing. Combined with this there is also a new nosecone, and the camera mounting pods are now at the very tip of the nose. The rear brake ducts now have 5 aerofoil elements instead of the launch spec 3 elements, however only 3 of the elements have a gurney tab on the trailing edges. There are new horizontal elements on the sidepods connecting the split turning vane with the sidepod. I’ve also added the ‘MAKE ROADS SAFE‘ logo that teams normally run on the front wing main plane underneath the nosecone  but I have placed it in 4 places on either side of the car. A new pitot tube has also been added.

Yes the double floor arrangement is still in place with the new sidepods like Torro Rosso were using in 2011. The floor is quite thick as one of the side impact structures is part of it.  There is also a looped one that connects the very top of the sidepod and rejoins the safety cell level with the Play.com logo. Not included with this update is a new second turning vane. That is still currently under design. Also I’m currently designing a new steering wheel. The one I designed before is almost 2 years old with 2 extra buttons for KERS and DRS.

Also to mention I have had an offer from http://richlandf1.com/ and I think you all should check the site out. I unfortunately had to turn down the offer as I don’t think my lack of experience would be good for the site. However if they would like my opinion on something I will be more than happy to give it.


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