What the?! Grrrrrr. Stupid people.

The F1 Poet - Ernie Black

Regular readers of my blog and many in the F1 Twitter community have come to know the name Karla Jennings.  She seemed to be a young F1 fan aspiring to be an F1 journalist.  I offered to assist her with her writing and allowed her to post her first article on my blog. She later went on to start her own blog KarlasKorner, which I helped promote and also wrote a couple of guest articles.   Always trusting and trying to see the good in people, I tried to help what I thought might have been new F1 personality.

It turns out, the seemingly sweet and passionate F1 fan was really a fraud.  I’m a little confused over the whole thing myself.  This all came to my attention after one of my Twitter followers tipped me off.  The images used by @F1Karla were actually those of adult film star Shyla Jennings. …

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