Yet MORE updates to the 2012 car.

Around the Mugello mid-season test I’ll probably launch a ”B-spec” car. Completely new chassis. The general aero will be the same, wings, vanes and suspension layout will remain as it is, but the shape of the chassis will be different. Also the F-Duct front wing that’s activated by the DRS mechanism in the rear wing endplates will be incorporated. New sidepod shapes will be there. In the mean time just a few small aero tweaks have been made alongside my technical analysis for the Australia GP last weekend at These are a small change to the front wing (now the centre section from the adjuster to the outer section where it splits into 3 profiles is adjustable, a small extension to the splitter, another new rear wing endplate, new bargeboards new front brake ducts and another small revision to the rear bodywork around the exhausts.

If you look at the side view of the car, you can see the angle and profile shape of the rear wing aerofoils. Looking at it you can see that when DRS is activated, the upper flap opens up to be virtually horizontal.

I’ve also started work on the Monza-specific car which at the moment is just a mix of this years 6th version car, and last years Monza spec car. The front wing at the moment is staying the same, but the flaps are at a lower angle, and the cascades are carried over from last years car. Also last years rear wing is being carried over to this years car as it would’ve been effective enough.

Coming up in the next couple of days will be my Malaysian GP technical analysis on


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