B-spec chassis – Well overdue, but finally here!

Well here it is. The new B-spec chassis. Quite evident is the much shorter wheelbase, makes the whole car look bigger. This makes the car more nimble, the centre of pressure (aerodynamic forces) I’ve not included the sponsors for this one just yet. And there are a few details missing, but the general outline is there. After drawing the exhausts I wanted to have on the car and the aerodynamics to go with it, I found that it wouldn’t be plausble and have instead gone towards the McLaren setup. The sidepods in general are MUCH smaller and very tightly shaped. Internal ducting is used to control the airflow from the radiators. It wraps tightly around the back of the engine/top of the gearbox to the air outlet on top of the gearbox. The suspension is completely new, still pullrod rear and pushrod front suspension. Completely new wings with the DDRS system (you can see the ducting in the RW endplates and the FW mounting pillars). The stepped nose is here, but because the general chassis is lower (to keep the CoG) as low as possible the stepped nose doesn’t need to be as noticeable. It sits absolutely bang on the 550mm limit at the tip, drops down to around 540mm and then climbs up to 600mm at the step. It is a flat nose, rather than dished in the middle, like Ferrari.

It doesn’t look as good from the side as it does from the top, it’s hard to get sidepod definition in PowerPoint.


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