B-spec rear wing

Here it is, I was going to show it sooner, but I decided against it. I know that the lower beam wing doesn’t quite match up, and that didn’t happen until I uploaded the image, damned PowerPoint! The DDRS pipe work does flow through the beam wing, in a similar fashion to that of Mercedes, but they flow through the sharp right-angled joints close to the centre. These raise up to then form another element, above the gearbox and rear crash structure. The element on the struts above the beam wing, but below the main plane are angled to aid flow-reattachment when the DRS is closed. It’s a completely different shape to that of my previous rear wing design, slightly less drag-inducing, and more efficient design for downforce and DRS effect, coupled with the DDRS system, it gives a good gain in lap time. The endplates also attach directly to the floor as with the old design.


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