Eddie’s car updates

Over the last few days I’ve been making small bodywork revisions and adding in some of the missing details to Eddie Ruskin’s car designs, namely the barge boards and having its own front wing now that allows more airflow to the barge boards. And that therefore means more air to the radiator inlets, and therefore it can have smaller inlets, and another product of that means smaller sidepod frontal area, less drag and more airflow to the rear of the car.

The front wing still keeps the ‘endplateless’ design, but rather than having 4 elements joining to the base plate, there is now only 3. The rearmost one being the largest one, and curving around at the same angle as the 4-element design. This creates a larger suction and stronger vortex. The front wing also has a much flatter main plane, but with a large squared off arch section. This creates a smaller, less powerful vortex, but the vanes underneath that curve also draw air upwards, splitting the airflow and stalling it above speeds of 120mph. This slightly reduces downforce in that area and creates a very strong vortex that is drawn around the front wheels, further reducing drag.

The car also now has VG’s on the leading edge of the sidepods, that draw the air out of the chimneys at a higher, more efficient rate. The design is exactly the same as the 2012 car VG’s, but there’s only one of them. As well as the chimneys there are now 4 slots in the top of the sidepods just to allow slightly improved cooling.

I’m still yet to do the floor, as trying to design a double diffuser on the 2008 designs will be very…. interesting. And difficult too with the exhaust blowing. Figuring out where to blow the exhausts will be difficult without wind tunnel testng. I’ll have to build this design and study the airflow in a home-made wind tunnel. After this test I could then make changes to parts of the car to improve airflow. And I can also see where the airflow goes that could be corrected with high speed exhaust gasses.

There is also a new nose, which is slightly higher, and slightly thinner. This gives more airflow to the floor of the car, more downforce and very slightly less drag.

Okay, that’s enough blabbing on, here is the updates.


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