Quick updates on Eddie’s car

Speaking to Eddie recently he has no informed me that he’d like the car to be a two-seater, which means it’ll be much longer. This also then requires completely different aero off of the front wing, and also because the car will be so much longer, the weight distribution will be miles out, impairing the handling in slow speed corners. Also we won’t be able to run as much rake in the set up of the suspension as the front wing would then scrape on the ground. This means that the suspension will have to be easily adjustable for road and track use. Normal, higher ride-height for on the road with softer suspension, and then a lower ride height, with more rake and stiffer spring/damper settings for the track use. I’ve already started the amendments for the designs, but the front wing will be massively different. It will probably be a mixture of my Monaco spec wing and my Singapore spec wing.


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