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Previously, I posted the chart below before the Indian GP and I stated the following:

The trend has been that Vettel has yet to win with a Hard/Medium combination.  Alonso has never won with a Hard/Soft combination.  Given the above observation and Pirelli’s selection for the final four races, Vettel may hold the advantage in one race, while Alonso may hold it in three races.  ONLY in terms of this season’s historical success rate on the compound combination.  This doesn’t take into account circuit, weather or any other critical factor.

After this past weekend’s Indian Grand Prix, the results suggest that my observations based on the chart below hold true.  As expected, Vettel, won with the combination of Pirelli Hard/Soft tyres.  If we are to believe the chart, then the Medium/Soft combination may favor Alonso in the next round.

Author: Ernie Black
Twitter: @Goggs_on_F1

Grand Prix Pirelli Compounds

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