F1 2012 Demo Glitch – XBOX 360

Okay guys, it’s a very simple glitch to do. No fancy stuff. The simple fact is, go to Career, Young Drivers test. Complete all the challenges if you haven’t already done so. Next, select free run wet at the bottom of the selection menu.

Drive out, and then DRIVE straight back into the pits. Select free run dry, and hail as the last half of sector 2 and all of sector 3 is WET whilst the other half of the circuit is DRY!

Alternatively, you can drive out of the pits, do a lap or 2, then come back into the pits for the opposite to happen! (Sector 1 and half of sector 2 WET, the remaining track DRY.

Simple as that. The 2nd one is the most fun because you get to see the AI crash straight out of the pit lane!


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