AGP004 – The launch

Well here it is at long last. After MANY MANY hours of careful fiddling around, trying to find a slightly better design (most of the time spent on the nosecone and sidepods) designing the car around the coanda exhausts (I will also try out a 2012 Red-Bull style exhaust/sidepod configuration, to see what difference it makes) Bearing in mind, this is just the launch version. On Monday I will be posting the first upgrade package, at 8AM GMT. This will run through the first test. I currently have 5 upgrade packages complete. The 5th package will be released around the time of the Bahrain GP. Of course there will also be a special Monaco upgrade package , which will feature not too dissimilar upgrades to that of AGP003 (which can be seen HERE).

There are a fair few features missing from this car. Such as the cascade elements, and the passive drag reduction system. Also this car has a completely different front wing than the one that will be used in testing. If anything, I’m being stupid. There’s nothing on this car that the F1 teams will see and copy. I tried to find loopholes in the DRS regulations, but there really isn’t much scope. It seems the FIA and TWG really do not like innovation in F1, and anything that is deemed ‘innovative’ seems to get banned, and it’s not fair. The way I see it, having a DDRS system on the car boosts straight line speed, and because you travel faster over the same distance, with the same power, doesn’t that technically improve the fuel efficiency of the cars? In fact, I estimate that if the DRS system was used over a whole race, you could save 1 or 2 kilos of fuel in a race, that adds up to 40-odd kilos in a season, which is 1/4 of a tank of fuel. with 22 cars, that adds up to be 5.5 tanks of fuel saved throughout the grid in the season, which is a lot of fuel! Of course, if you disagree with my maths, feel free to voice your opinion!

Also, you will notice, that I have done away with the double floor arrangement. I tested the double floor, and this sort of sidepod arrangement with (pretty crap, but it’ll have to do for now!) CFD simulation in The Powder Toy) and, with the double floor, the coanda effect exhausts didn’t work quite as well, as the extra air underneath pushes the exhaust gas stream higher, and actually it was a struggle to get the plume to hit the floor! It required very steep downwash on the sidepods, and even then, it was unreliable. At a fairly high speed, the coanda effect from the top of the sidepod which creates the downwash actually stalled, became unstable and did nothing but increase drag. Therefore, this arrangement which actually also creates a better downwash efffect, as the air underneath the sidepod is forced downwards as well as the air from above, which draws the plume much tighter to the floor. As I said earlier, a RedBull ramp style will be tested, and is currently in development.

Okay, onto the pictures. With this car, I have also included the basic steering wheel shape and a few switches/buttons! Enjoy, and thank you for reading this (much longer than I was planning) article… I seem to have picked up Jade’s habit of waffling on about things! 😉

For the CFD images, you can message me on Twitter @JB_LH_fan.
Also if you would like to see the upgrade packages, you can also message me through Twitter.
AGP004.1 launch top

AGP004.1 launch side

AGP004.1 lanch FWAGP004.1 launch sidepod

AGP004.1launch RW


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