AGP004.1 (Update package 1)

This is the car I would run at the 1st pre-season test. Several differences compared to the launch version. The original McLaren style-sidepods are on this car, along with the new front wing and rear wing. Also the floor is different as are the sidepods. There are now the turning vanes on top of the sidepod to strengthen the downwash effect. What you can’t see from the 2d images (not got software to do 3d images, still) is the tunnel effect created by the sidepods. While the sidepods may not connect to the floor, the large area underneath allows for a lot of airflow to be guided downwards, and inwards, away from the exhaust exits, and towards the starter hole. Airflow also has an escape route around the beam wing area of the car.

top downsidefront wingrear wingsidepod frontal area


As you can see from the rear wing image, there is a 3-exit duct passive DRS system, with the outer two ducts blowing at an angle to the main plane. This spreads out the stalling effect further, creating a stronger drag reduction system. Also the ducts can have several angle variations on them, or be removed altogether. The ducts on the roll hoop feed the system, and a pressure switch activates/deactivates the system.

Also another big difference, is the new nosecone, and front wing pillars. The pillars are now straighter as they had no need to be angled backwards, they also curve inwards slightly, similar to that of the 2012 Ferrari, which speeds up the airflow underneath the chassis, and therefore the leading edge of the floor, giving a small boost to rear downforce.

Update package 2 will be released on Thursday 31st January.


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