AGP004 – Update package 4

Yes, I know I skipped update package 2, but that’s because it was basically mostly mechanical changes, and the only visible aerodynamic change was to the front wing, and even then it was tiny.

I also know that I skipped update 3, but that was a change to the cascade element.

Update 4 has a little more substance to them, so you can both of the changes made in 2 and 3, and the updates in package 4.

There’s completely new front wing upper flaps, additions to the cascade elements,  The innermost shapes on the cascade elements produce very little downforce, and are more about airflow conditioning, creating vortices that are directed in the airflow over the front wing to the top of the sidepods. Speaking of the sidepods, the flow conditioning flaps across the leading edge have had vortex generators fitted, as the sidepods are slightly lower in that area than the regulations allow, these vanes stand as tall as the regulations allow. These help strengthen the downwash effect even more, giving stronger attachment to the floor. These updates have been designed to work mostly in benefit with the ramped coanda system that I’m developing right now. I’ve found a solution that doesn’t stall, but, the ducting system is quite complex, and does have an effect on the crossflow, meaning the exhaust jet doesn’t flow between the floor and the wheel, but instead flows across the top of the diffuser. Although this has a small benefit, it’s not as powerful as the jet flowing to the edge of the diffuser, sealing it.

Enough waffling, here’s the pictures that you SOOOOO want to see…. (sarcasm…)

AGP004.4topAGP004.4FW AGP004.4side


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