2014 car.

Yes, hello everyone. After over a year I am back posting cars! I unfortunately lost all of my data due to a virus last year, about a week before I was due to post an upgrade package, and seeing as the car was already pretty detailed, I decided not to carry on with the 2013 car, and go straight to the 2014 car. Finally finished the launch spec, I am please to announce that this car will also be the unofficial PitStopRadio car, running a PSR livery!

Starting out with the basics, it does follow the trend and does have a sex-aid nose, but the front wing mounts form a sort of tunnel on either side of this protrudence to help guide airflow underneath the car. The design would be very hard to engineer to pass the crash tests, but I’d find a way.

You will notice that the steering arms on the car are completely different from the regular designs, this is for aero purposes, it may give a little more drag but it is stronger when in contact with barriers (ahem, Monaco) or hits on the forward edge of the wheel when in battles and is angled in such a way that the air passing over it is sent straight to the undercut of the sidepod, and to the back of the car, interacting with the rear suspension.

The front wing itself is very complex, with the 2nd front-most element being used to turn airflow outside of the front wheel, as well as the rearmost 3 achieving the same effect. This (surprisingly) works quite well in my makeshift airflow tests, and will be a main source for improvements and developments throughout the rest of the season.

I have been cheeky and have decided to go with a similar rear suspension design to that of the McLaren. I am also still using Mercedes power, as was always the plan.

The sidepods are not the smallest out there, but they’re small enough that they are efficient. They are also asymmetrical with the entire left hand sidepod used specifically for the intercooler, and the right hand sidepod for engine oil and water cooling. Not visible on the launch car are cooling ducts on either side of the engine cover. One of these is to cool the MGU-H, the other is to the gearbox oil cooler. Inside the left hand sidepod are 2 extra cooling ducts, one going to cool the energy store under the fuel tank, and a further duct for the MGU-K cooling.

Enjoy the images. Updates coming very soon!




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