About Us

Stephen Armsworth –

I’m just your average, grumpy 18 year old teenager with a passion for cars, all things motorsports and aerodynamics. I’m an Xbox man, PlayStations are just rubbish and that’s an end of it!

I design F1 cars, and ordinary road cars in my free time when I’m not fixing my friends’ cars, giving them advice on what cars to buy, doing college work or trying to get a 1.6L Ford Zetec engine to run. Or playing with my dog.

I’m nerdy, I’m annoying, I’m tall.

I’m a Technical Analyst and writer for http://richlandf1.com/ 

‘Perfection will never exist, but it is the pursuit of that goal that brings the greatest designs; if it doesn’t push the boundaries, it’s notgood enough!”

Everything on this site is copyrighted and can only be used with my explicit and written permission, except re-blogged posts, the copyright rights belong to them.

Jade Gurton

Ginger. Is that enough information? Aside from that she is an avid Formula One fan, hence why a few of her articles are shown on here. But also a crazy girl with many interests, one of which is building models which will also be shown on this blog!

Jade’s now at Southampton University studying for a degree in Mechanical Engineering with a theme in automotive.

A like minded girl hence why she is my girlfriend 🙂

Her cat is simply the best.


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