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F1 2012 Demo Glitch – XBOX 360

Okay guys, it’s a very simple glitch to do. No fancy stuff. The simple fact is, go to Career, Young Drivers test. Complete all the challenges if you haven’t already done so. Next, select free run wet at the bottom of the selection menu.

Drive out, and then DRIVE straight back into the pits. Select free run dry, and hail as the last half of sector 2 and all of sector 3 is WET whilst the other half of the circuit is DRY!

Alternatively, you can drive out of the pits, do a lap or 2, then come back into the pits for the opposite to happen! (Sector 1 and half of sector 2 WET, the remaining track DRY.

Simple as that. The 2nd one is the most fun because you get to see the AI crash straight out of the pit lane!



Soon we shall have a new writer on the blog… my girlfriend. She’s writing articles for another F1 site, and we have decided that her articles will also appear on here!!

Also, another update, the partner site to the blog (Richland F1), a forum! This is where you can join in the gaming leagues for F1 2011, Forza Motorsport, and potentially others! Not just that either, you can voice your opinions on latest F1 developments, and have general discussions!

I also have started work on the 2013 F1 car, the final 2012 car update of the season coming in Singapore OR Suzuka, I haven’t decided yet.

Exciting times!

My tickets for the British GP this year have arrived today! Looking forward to it. General Admission allows me to go everywhere I wanted to go. I get Copse, Maggots/Becketts complex the entrance/exit of Stowe, Abbey/Village.

I’ve planned my weekend as follows.

FP1 – exit of Stowe/international pits straight

FP2 – Abbey/Village and down the straight to Brooklands/Luffield

FP3 – Hangar Straight/Stowe

Q1/2 Copse

Q3 Maggots/Becketts

race – wandering around everywhere.

I will create one of these, but of my own design.


Started on April 10th 2011, 308 days after cutting the first part, after about 800 hours of designing and manufacturing of about 6500 single parts within 10 month. After converting 534 grams of paper, after hours and hours of studying pictures, books, technical regulations. After several hours of drawing, creating and designing parts, now, on February the 11th, 2012, all together results in a model of a great car, which won the 2011 Formula 1™ drivers as well as constructors championship. Created by a design team, located in Milton Keynes, UK, lead by Mr. Adrian Newey, with an insane amount of the great british engineering excellence and many creative engineers.

My own RB7 is completely one-man handcrafted (except a few sponsor labels) by myself without using any CAD program or other computer help. A Formula 1 car made by compass and straight-edge construction – when you’ve seen…

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My designs.

I’m going to take inspiration from a very clever chap from Austria who has built several race cars out of cardboard and paperboard who has a blog at and bring my car designs to life. I thank him for the inspiration and I think that you should all pay his blog a visit and check out his excellent work!